inflatable sleeping bag FAQ

1. Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, we do ship to many other countries worldwide.
2. How much is the wholesale price of the Hangout Sofa?
For the wholesale  price about 100 pcs, 200 pcs, 500 pcs, 1000 pcs, 2000 pcs, 5000 pcs, 10000 pcs and 20000 pcs, please contact us and tell us the quantity you want, then we will give you the right price.
3. When can I choose the color of Hangout Sofa?
We will send out a survey during the campaign in which you can select your color. If you’ve purchased more than 100 pieces, you can choose different colors!
4. When will I receive the Hangout Sofa?
We can guarantee 1000 pieces to be manufactured about a week and shipped to you about a month. Production will be running in full force (300 pieces a day) and we will continue to ship based on incoming orders. Orders above the 10,000 pieces will take a long time.
5. What are the shipping costs?
Shipping costs change depending on the chosen perk and your location. You can contact us for checking shipping
6. How long does the Hangout Sofa last on a single fill?
A fully blown Hangout Sofa will last up to 4 hours of relaxing.
7. How do you deflate the Hangout Sofa?
Just relax, easy does it! Simply unclip the opening and the Hangout will release 700 liters of air within a heartbeat. Then, start rolling it up towards the opening of the Hangout and when you’re at the end, you can fold the Hangout in half, so it easily fits in its carrying bag.
8. Can the Hangout Sofa Inflatable Airbag be used on water?
Of course! The Hangout’s material is fully waterproof and will float like a boss. Use it to chill in the pool, lake or conquer the oceans. The Hangout Sofa is super stable once you lie on it.
9. What’s the maximum weight capacity of the Hangout Sofa Inflatable Lounge?
The Hangout can easily withstand the weight of 3 adults, which is around 200 KG (420 Lbs).  But, last summer we had 4 big guys sitting on the Sofa. It was a bit awkward, but the Hangout was perfectly fine :-)
10. How can I make sure the Sleeping Bag doesn’t blow away when I’m not on it and the wind picks up? 
We have made sure the wind will never ruin your day again. The Sleeping Airbag is equipped with small loops, so you can secure your Hangout Sofa to the ground.
11. Is it possible to sleep on the Hangout Sofa Inflatable Sleeping Bag?
Damn right son…
12. How much does the Hangout Sofa weigh and what is the size?
The Chongqi Hangout Sofa only weights 1.5 KG (2.8Lbs). When the Hangout is folded into the carrying bag, the dimensions are (diameter x length) 24 cm x 32 cm . When fully blown in all its glory (inflated), the dimensions are ( length x width) 30cm x 22cm.
13. What kind of material is the Hangout Sofa made of?
Super strong, lightweight, 100% pure nylon ripstop with the resistence of 200kgs.
14. On what kind of terrain can I use the Hangout Sofa?
You can use Hangout Sofa on almost any terrain. We’ve tested it on sharp rocks, uneven ground, the jungle, sandy terrain, concrete surface, in the water, shells, grassland and even indoors.

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